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5in1 Cryolipolysis LipoLaser 40kHz Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

Group Body Contouring
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2019-11-12
Item specifics
ScreenTFT 8
Rated input power800VA
PowerUp to 200W
Cooling device output temperature-12~ -6°C
5in1 Cryolipolysis LipoLaser 40kHz Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

 Use of fatty acid and glycerol in three specific will be transformed into the characteristics of solid at low temperatures, transmitted through non-invasive transmitter wave to specify precise control at low temperature melting fat parts for and eliminate fat cells. After the fat cells in the cold, will start the natural decomposition of the purge process, fat becomes thin. Through normal metabolic processes, the fat layer gradually reduced, reach the purpose of partial melting fat.
  Use strong acoustic frequency hair gather injection of 40000HZ strong waves, speed vibration fat cells, fat cells and produce countless, puissant hit air is adipose cell, make fat cells that produce introverted blasting triglycerides decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids, free from rf frequency reaches 0.5 MHZ, deep treatment of skin, heated to supply oxygen and nutrients, strengthen cell function, improve the blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism, eliminate and soften the honeycomb, weight loss, and achieve organizational goal.
 RF takes that epidermis balances normal temperature, RF electric wave produces heat into deep skin as nuclear technique, based on measurement of skin comfortable, harmless, it uses RF electric wave to produce heat exchange, precisely attains skin deep, stimulates inner ion of body, colloid granule with electricity will be forced rapid movement, vibration or attrition, then produce heat energy. At the same time, under the effect of polarized molecule resonance, it heats collagen tissue of the dermis layer. When deep collagen tissue is heated up to 45°C-60C, it will naturally produce instant shrinking, stimulate to excrete much new collagen to makeup interspace of the shrinking or lost collagen protein and make them array, rebuilt skin soft bracket, finally get tight skin, remove wrinkle, recover skin elasticity and luster
Specification :

Cooling liquid
pure water
Rated input power
Cavitation frequency
Up to 200W
Cavitation Power
up to 60W
Cooling device output temperature
-12~ -6°C
RF frequency
Cooling device output pressure
RF power
up to 80W
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